Brandenburg at the Havel is the city with the longest history in Brandenburg and the eponym of the federal state. Ancient history and modernity run through the entire cityscape.


These contrasts are also reflected in the location for the contest: the former largest steelworks in the GDR is located in the industrial area to the east.


Today the listed building serves as a technical museum and forms a unique backdrop for events and exhibitions of all kinds. Thus, the historical location together with the Freestyle Skateboarding Contest forms a strong contrast between old and modern.  


Just follow the link below to the website of the Industrial Museum if you want to learn more about the place. Because a visit is always impressive, even without a skateboard.


Website of the industrial museum



Visit Brandenburg Skateboarding


In addition to the Industrial Museum as the main event location, there is of course more to discover in Brandenburg. There is a lot of nature in and around the city with great opportunities to sit comfortably by the Havel river.


If you are in the mood for sightseeing, the cathedral island and the beautiful old town are a good choice. There are also some restaurants or bars. The newer area of the city is worth a visit as well, let alone for the iconic Agentenzenrale.


If you prefer a quieter pace, you can get a coffee from Tina and take a short walk to Marienberg and be rewarded with a great view.


The water sports centre “Alte Feuerwache” provides refreshment by offering various activities on the Havel, such as the rental of canoes, motor boats and equipment for stand-up paddling. Those who are too exhausted for the trip home can also stay in one of their tents or bungalows near the river surrounded by nature but still close to the city centre.


After all that exploring and paddling you’re probably pretty hungry. At the “Bootshaus” near the “Dominsel” you can have different tasty dishes as diversified as it gets: from tarte flambée to pumpkin soup and finger food or steak – delicious!


As you can see there is a lot to discover. But don’t forget to stop by the Freestyle Contest first. Of course the Never Enough Store should not be missing here as well – because who knows, maybe after the contest your desire for a new skateboard has grown quite a bit…