Infection Prevention On Site


Of course we are aware of the importance of hygiene measures at the event in the current situation and take the health of the skaters and visitors very seriously.


For this reason, compliance with these measures has been the focus of attention since the beginning of the planning and has had a significant influence on the structure of the event.


Even though the anticipation for the weekend of September 4th – 6th is growing on all sides, we would like to ask each and every one of you not to forget the essential topic of infection prevention and, above all, to comply with it on site.


First of all the general hygiene tips, which we would like to summarize here again:


  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters (except for persons of your own household, spouse / partner & persons for care)
  • If the required minimum distance cannot be maintained, please wear a mask
  • Wash / disinfect hands regularly
  • Cough & sneeze properly (turn away and place in handkerchief/bow)


But what will all this look like at the venue? Well, thanks for asking!


  • Limited number of spectators (limited entry tickets)
  • No entrance without the back of the entry ticket being filled out with your contact data
  • Counting at entrances and exits by a chip system (ensures maximum number of visitors in the museum at the same time)
  • Compliance with the distances is possible due to the size of the museum and erected grandstands
  • Separate entrance & exit
  • Guidance system in the entire event area
  • A security team will make sure that basic rules are followed
  • Disinfectant dispensers will be available for you at all important places
  • At the concert there will be enough seats with enough distance between each other (no dancing event)
  • Collection of contact data of all visitors / participants (on back of the tickets)
  • Doubling of the sanitary facilities compared to last year
  • Disinfection of the premises by a cleaning team between event days (handrails, seats, entrances, etc)


In general, please switch on your head and show mutual consideration:


  • For example, avoid long queues at all important points such as entrances and exits, supply, toilets – the 1.5m must also be met here
  • Please follow the instructions of the security personnel
  • Skip greetings like hugs and handshakes of any kind
  • Please use the existing guidance system



All information can also be found on the back of the entry ticket.

We thank you very much for your understanding and for keeping the rules.

Please do not forget: Only through strict planning and adherence to this concept this event is made possible at all.


For more in-depth information about infection prevention you can also visit the website of the World Health Organization


Stay healthy and we are looking forward spending the weekend with you!