Euro Freestyle 2021


The date for 2021 is set: On the weekend of 10.09 – 12.09 the Euro Freestyle Skateboarding Championships will take place for the third time in Brandenburg an der Havel in the Industriemuseum!



Despite the circumstances in 2020 your positive feedback was overwhelming. We hope the situation will ease up in 2021 so that we can create a bigger and better event for you with a bigger program and space for new ideas.


In 2020 some starters could not participate due to new travel regulations. Some of them were skaters from America and Japan.


We hope that the rules will be changed for the next event, so that we can welcome again international starters, who already participated in the first edition of the contest.


The Championships were inclusive and open for everyone from the beginning – even for non European skaters.


#savethedate and keep your fingers crossed that everything works out. Anyway, we already began planning the event….


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Contest Results


We are still processing the weekend in our heads. So many impressions, nice people, great art and skateboarding. And with that the question arises: Who carried trophies home?


Without further ado, here are the facts:





1. Archibald, Reece – 369
2. Mokulys, Günther – 362
3. Åkesson, Lillis – 352
4. Paakkari, Jari – 314
5. Wagner, Robert – 312
6. Jonsson, Felix – 303
7. Albert, Stefan – 281



1. Schulz, Yoyo – 295
2. Schäder, Eric – 288
3. Woita, Pierre – 254
4. Šopović, Denis – 216
5. Meyers, Elie – 204




1. Adam, Daniel – 310
2. Klahold, Danny – 287
3. Bamacher, Tobias – 276
4. Friedberger, Fabian – 272
5. Müller, Christian – 263
6. Heise, Tobias – 243
7. Foster, Alex – 218
8. Buck, Wolf – 214
9. Lorenzen, Bernhard – 193
10. Wessels, Kevin – 185
11. Kamka, Marco – 176
12. Juhasz, Lisa – 160





1. Kocic, Nenad – 263
2. Mühring, Melvin – 252
3. Schäder, Samuel – 169
4. Strehlau, Anton – 168
5. Stijf, Diederik – 162
6. Thies, Patrick – 157
7. Haberecht, Leopold – 157
8. Altenkirch, Ian – 137
9. Strehlau, Carl – 131


Last Tickets!


Tickets are soon gone: Every 10 minutes customers rush into the store or make a call to get tickets on the last day before the event.


This is why stocks are dwindling more and more. There will still be limited day tickets available on site – better arrive in time to get one. When these are gone as well there won’t be a resupply of tickets.


Online orders and shipping will understandably not be possible anymore, because it is unlikely that the tickets will arrive in time.


It’s also no longer possible to put the tickets back.


And again a reminder on our token system. It’s very simple:

– Receive a token at entrance
– Return the token at exit


This gives us a better overview of how many people are in the hall at the same time and ensures that event requirements are met.


Thank you very much for your understanding!


Tasty Dishes from the Euro Bistro!


On this years event everything is not only a bit bigger, but also tastier! Our Euro Bistro will provide you with great and varied dishes on site.


Matching our starters and visitors from all over Europe, our offer with the Euro Bistro is a bit wider than the usual German ‘Currywurst’.

From sweet crepe or a variant with tomato-feta to couscous chorizo and chili con carne, hunger has no chance to overtake you.
Of course there is also a vegetarian version of the chili. In addition to the main dish take a pretzel and for dessert a donut, so all that sweating is worth it the next time you go skate…


One more reason to look forward to the weekend!


Twitch Livestream

Some of you may have already noticed our integrated Twitch Channel on the start page.
Perhaps you might ask – Why?


Well, we’ll stream the whole weekend (including the concert!) live from the Industriemuseum, for all of those who couldn’t make it to the event – so you can still be part of it this year.

The streaming times are the same as the regular schedule, which you can find on the homepage (GMT+2).

So grab a nice beverage, and we’ll see you on Friday!


The Untouchables


Today we want to briefly introduce the members of our jury – concentrated freestyle competence in three parts:


Axel “Starsky” Kleinhans


On the board since 1974 and never put it away again. His first skateboard was a chair back with roller skates underneath.

Street, Bowls, Slalom everything was skated already. And of course: Freestyle.


He was also a driving force in the early 2000s to help Freestyle make a comeback. Among other things with his own company (Rolling Four) which produced the first freestyle decks after the market dried out and created his own Freestyle team at the same time.


Fun Fact: Because of this the organizer of the Freestyle EM Christian Heise found his way back to Freestyle Skateboarding!

Starsky as a Berlin veteran has so much experience, commitment and respect in the skate scene that we are happy to have him as a judge this year!


Kai Dunkel


In the early years of the 2000s between 2003 – 2011 Kai was permanently active as a freestyler. During this time he was on the road a lot in New York and Florida and became US Champion and several times German Champion in the amateur class.


After several stations in Canada and Switzerland, among others, he has now settled in Berlin.

By the way, Kai was co-founder of Never Enough Skateboards in 2007…

Interesting stuff what you get to know here, isn’t it?


Although he’s not on the board as often these days, his expertise in freestyle skateboarding isn’t any less than the one from the other judges.


Michael Langfeld


Between 1977 and 1978 Michael, usually called Mike by everyone, has seen several freestyle shows in Berlin where skaters like Russ Howell, Mike Weed, Skitch Hitchcock & Ed Nadalin took part.

This lasting impression finally led him to freestyle skateboarding himself. Living in the USA between 1989 and 1991, he was in good company with his environment during the peak times of freestyle skateboarding.


Another part of the jury, which scores with over 40 years of freestyle experience!


Concert on Saturday 05.08.


On Saturday evening there will be another program for the skate contest and the art exhibitions – after the main event there will be something to listen to with our concert lineup:

The contest area will become a stage for talented musicians that will entertain you with the finest sounds against the backdrop of the Industrial Museum.


Three bands across the genre spectrum, all of which have their origins in Brandenburg an der Havel, will provide the musical entertainment on September 5th from 21:00.

We evening starts with THE NASH CIRCLE: With flowing transitions of their musical style they don’t like to be forced into a genre corset, but to get a rough description of their musical the direction the genres Alternative & Indie Rock would come close to a classification. Be surprised!


Afterwards the singer/songwriter POP MOONSHINE with his distinctive voice will lead you directly into the world of Country & Folk. Let his music convince you live, the man has the blues.

Besides THE NASH CIRCLE, some of you should know him since the live stream in the Never Enough Store. If you don’t know him yet, you should catch up on his work and get a foretaste on his Youtube Channel.

At midnight NIKAYA is putting it’s foot on the gas pedal again. They will round off the evening with their characteristic alternative rock. You don’t have to write much about the band – you know what kind of performance you can expect here!


Tickets for the concert are still available at Never Enough Streetstore and at

Please note: This is not a dancing event due to the current legal regulations. We will provide a seat for each guest with sufficient distance between them. There will also be separate entrances and exits.


Private Practice Session


In addition to the public practice on Friday, there will be a private session on Thursday September 3rd at 18:00 – 21:00. This session is not public and Riders-Only!

So the starters can get used to the venue and the skate area without any distraction and test their runs or simply use the evening on site to have a chat with friends and the other skaters.


The main idea is also to relieve the training area during the practice times on Friday and to offer every rider enough space for preparation.


Those who have never been to the Industrial Museum can also use the time to get a taste of history and explore the event area with its heavy steel machinery.


See you there!


Late, we know.


The website of the Euro Freestyle Skateboarding Contest is online!
Let’s not get bogged down in details about why this just happened so late.

So what has been going on all this time?

Since it became clear that the contest and the Creative Days will take place despite all the restrictions, it’s full speed ahead in planning mode again.
Only 2 weeks left until the event and the anticipation is rising – but there is still a lot to do. So let’s switch to everyone’s favourite topic: the hygiene and safety measures!

Please remember: Only by including the measures in the entire planning process and consistently fulfilling them, the event is possible at all. But what does that mean now?


This year there is only a limited number of tickets available. The venue has separate entrances/exits and has of course the usual distance regulations.

A general mask obligation does not exist, though. Due to the size and good ventilation of the Industrial Museum wearing a mask is only necessary where the distances are not possible to be kept.

By the way, the closing date for the contest is September 1st. If you still want to participate in the contest, you should mark the date in the calendar.

More information will follow here in the next days.