Updates on the second EFSC workshop in autumn 2022!


Here are some updates & important information about the second EFSC workshop in autumn 2022.



Dear participants,


Thank you for your registration for the second Euro Freestyle Camp in 2022.


Due to the numerous queries we would like to inform you about some details regarding the upcoming workshop.

Probably the most frequently asked question first – don’t worry, of course we don’t camp outside like in summer, we sleep in our heated hall.


We will provide sufficient sleeping facilities in our skate hall and in the headquarters. Please bring a warm sleeping bag and an extra blanket. In case of need, we still have some blankets for you. As in the previous year, your own kitchen, toilet, electricity, internet and shower will be provided. So all you need to bring is your toiletries, a change of clothes, your skateboard and lots of good energy!


The address is:

Never Enough Headquarters
Am Elisabethhof 23
14772 Brandenburg an der Havel


If you need a shuttle from the train station, please let us know your arrival time in good time. Then we try to set it up.

Otherwise you can easily get to us by bus to the “Am Elisabethhof” stop. Or by train first to Brandenburg main station and then, after a change, with the ODEG to Görden station.


Important times and information for the weekend:


Friday – arrival and dinner

It would be great if you arrived on Friday, November 25th by 4:00 p.m.

The first workshops will already start on this day and later we will have dinner together.


Saturday – trip to Berlin

On Saturday, after breakfast, we will take the train to Berlin together. Here are a few legendary indoor & outdoor freestyle spots that we would like to show you.

We can also explore the city a bit on this occasion. In the evening we are back at the headquarters.


Sunday – Surprise at a Euro Freestyle Partner

We start Sunday a little more relaxed with a long breakfast followed by a surprise at one of our partners from Euro Freestyle!

After that it’s back to lunch. The last freestyle session follows in the early afternoon and the camp ends at 4 p.m.


costs and services

The costs for the camp consisted of dinner on Friday, breakfast, accommodation and associated costs (energy, water, etc.).

Unfortunately, the energy and heating costs have risen extremely, we have tried everything to make the weekend as cheap as possible, but we simply cannot avoid an increase in the participation fee.


Please note that travel expenses for the trip to Berlin are not included.


If you have a special diet, please let us know in advance.


If you have any questions, please write to me or give me a call.

My number 017632724909


There are currently only a few slots left for additional participants.


We look forward to you!


Best regards

your Christian


The Euro Freestyle Live Stream 2022


For all people who can not join us, there will be a live stream again!



After a lot of preparations and the technical realization, we are happy to offer you again a live stream of the EFSC 2022. Already in the previous years the live broadcast of the European Freestyle Skateboarding Championships was well received by spectators from all over the world. So it was clear for us to realize this free online streaming again.


The streaming times are identical with the contest, the overview of all times of the event weekend and the live stream can be found on our homepage:


We wish you a lot of fun watching and enjoy the competition!





The Urban Branne Aftershow Party – EFSC 2022 & CD’S 2022


This year we finally have an Aftershow Party at the event again!



Due to the pandemic situation around Corona, we unfortunately had to do without a proper aftershow party at Euro Freestyle and Creative Days in the last two years. Looking back, this was a the right decision.


But now we want to party with you again at the Event Weekend at the Industrial Museum!


As the official starting signal for the new subcultural association of the “Urban Branne” Crew we organize the Party on Saturday, September 3rd from 22.00 o’clock. For this we present you an eclectic line up of Music from Branne and all over Germany!


Pokut Music/Carnival der Kulturen – Bielefeld. Hip Hop & Global Bass   – DUBOUT aka DJ ESA
Pokut Music/BBQ Contest Allstars – Paderborn. Trip Hop, Breaks & Jungle   – BLIZZYIZZY
Radio Bronski – Brandenburg an der Havel. Funk, Rap & Trap   – DJ EL HOMBRE
Brandenburg an der Havel. Rock & Indie Pop     Admission for participants of the event and club members of Urban Branne is free.  

We look forward to the colorful Party with you, see you soon at the Industrial Museum!


Here is the Facebook Event: Click!





Last call – 10 free Spots!


In just over a month it will finally be time, now you have the last chance to register!



Due to some cancellations, some limited Contest Spots for the Euro Freestyle Contest 2022 have become free again!


So from now on we have exactly 10 places left for you. If you still want to register for the contest, please don’t hesitate and use our Registration form. If these places are taken, there will be no further possibilities to participate!


With already over 115 starters from all over the world at the European Freestyle Skateboarding Championships, this Event will be the biggest of its kind in the history of the sport, we are looking forward to the contest weekend in Brandenburg an der Havel.


We cant wait to see you all soon at the Industrial Museum!





Overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The first EFSC Workshop Camp!


wow… after such a great weekend it is very difficult to find the right words.




The EFSC is bigger than ever, and no matter how great that is for freestyle skateboarding overall, there is less and less time for social interaction. Practicing tricks together, have deep conversations or just chill out. This is a large and important part of our community and because the workshops of the NEVER ENOUGH team are always well received, we thought – why not do it for the euro as well?


On the weekend of July 8-10, 2022, the time had finally come. The last preparations were finished on Thursday until late in the evening so that we could welcome the first guests on Friday afternoon. Many familiar faces, old friends and a handful of newcomers which is always particularly noteworthy. A colorful bag of many different characters and skateboarding approaches – very representative of the current Euro year.


After all the tents were set up, we started right away. Christian Heise gave a brief overview of the course of the weekend and everyone was able to introduce themselves and share their personal wishes and expectations.


Because after 6-8 hours of travel everyone could use a good pack of exercise, Anton Strehlau took over the warm-up training.

It was already clear how differently skaters approach skateboarding, whether it’s extensive warm-up, yoga exercises or just going for it. How important it is to be fit – no matter what form – became clear very quickly. Little advance warning, there were heaps of them this weekend! Of course, it wasn’t entirely without competition. Who can do the most jumping jacks? Of course, our sports aces were able to shine here, especially Julia (@mamabambule) who left all other workshop participants behind.
Afterwards there was a footwork jam. In the best Soultrain manner, everyone was able to briefly show what level they are currently at. After the groups were divided, it was time for individual lessons. The workshop leaders showed individual figures and then had them imitated.
Afterwards we went back to the hall to end the evening with the theoretical part.
There was a lot of talk about how freestyle skateboards came about, why our equipment is the way it is and what it takes to be able to hold it in our hands in the end.


Phew – pretty exhausting for the first evening!


That’s why there was a well-deserved beer after work. For some there were even two – or three – or four – or one night in the open air (;


The day started at 9am on Saturday with a hearty breakfast. The planned excursion destination was the open-air stage at Marienberg, where a different spectacle than usual was presented that day.

Since Friday evening focused on footwork, Saturday was all about wheelies and truck stances. After the warm-up exercises – yes, calves are still burning – each participant presented tricks from the corresponding categories and was then divided into groups again.


While some were in the advanced group the day before, some came into the beginner group and vice versa. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses! After the individual lessons there was another jam so that everyone could show what they had learned so far. Skating alone in front of spectators always takes effort and is therefore a major factor in success.


Since Brandenburg has more to offer than freestyle spots, there was a sight seeing tour across the city and what do you need after a morning full of skating and strolling through the city? That’s right – food.


With a full stomach, we then went into the almost sacred halls of the Industrial Museum. Even without spectators you can feel the seriousness in the atmosphere. Participants of past competitions know what I’m talking about. The reverberation of the boards being hit, the squeaking of the wheels on the slippery floor, and stomping noises of running across the steel stage

– the Euro Freestyle was within reach here!


After the training, tricks and practice runs were filmed. They even had their own moderation! – At least now you could clearly feel the tension.


A worthy end to such a demanding training.


Now it was back to the NEVER ENOUGH headquarters. At 21:00 the live stream for the rookie running order draw started.


Since rookies still have little contest experience, the tension is enormous. Doing a contest for the first time and then also opening the event – immense pressure!


A boat trip across the Havel was organized on the last day of the workshop.


After such a successful event there is nothing else to say but thank you!


Thank you to the organizers and workshop trainers and all participants who invested time and money in Freestyle in Germany to enrich a beautiful event.

Even if the euro is right around the corner, we are already looking forward to the next workshop!


Your Euro Freestyle Crew


Rookies EFSC 2022 Running Order


The starting order of the rookies is set!




On July 9th, 2022, during the Euro Freestyle Workshop via Instagram live stream, the starting order of the participants was determined by drawing lots.


The starting order is as follows:


Heat 1 – 09:30 warm up – 10:00 runs


IRL – Milo Zelove
GER – Marcel Enge
GER – Birger Stepputtis
ROU – Tudor Claudiu Răduț
GBR – Hooligan Sadikson
SWE – Bastian Åkesson
BEL – Yannick Mostmans
SWE – Samuel Schäder

GER – Jakob Andrae
NLD – Rafael Blom
GER – Matti Stieber
GER – Oskar Kern


Heat 2 – 11:00 warm up – 11:30 runs
ROU – Eremia Catalin
SCO – Stewart Storrar
ROU – Margarit Nicolas

ROU – Robert Goran
GER – David Schmiede
NLD – Diederik Stijf
GBR – Brandon Howell
AUT – Dominik Schildorfer
BEL – Jelle Callens
GBR – Sebastian Reitenbach
NLD – Maarten van Heel


The first contests always comes with a bit amount of anxiety, especially if you haven’t been skateboarding for too long.


We wish all rookies a successful start in the freestyle contest world and a lot of courage for the big stage.


We look forward to you!


Your Euro Freestyle Crew


Skate 4 Fun x Euro Freestyle


The Skate 4 Fun Foundation supports the Euro Freestyle 2022!




Probably most of you know the stylish freestyler Henry Candioti who became famous in Freestyle Skateboarding with innovative tricks and a lot of styles in the 80s and 90s.


Some time ago his brother Alejandro from Argentina contacted us with the request to support the EFSC 2022! After some discussions, we decided together that Skate 4 Fun will support the Eli Meyers Girls Freestyle Contest this year. Just like Alejandro’s brother Henry and Eli, fun was always in the foreground and inspires many skaters until today! This is something we want to emphasize together. With the joint donation of the Candioti and Meyers family, a total of 1000 EUR will be donated as support for the Girls Freestyle Contest alone.


We are very touched and impressed, because even through these two painful losses, the memory and the message will remain forever in our minds and hearts.


A heartfelt thank you from the whole Euro Freestyle Crew





Contest Run Times EFSC 2022!


After intensive planning and much organization, we can present you today the times for all contest runs!



The record number of participants at this year’s Euro Freestyle requires the best possible planning and organization of the contest runs. In several models, the contest days had to be re-planned and runs of the skaters had to be divided accordingly. Through the feedback from previous years, many consultations and discussions, we have come to these times:


– 60 Seconds ROOKIES

– 90 Seconds GIRLS & MASTERS

– 100 Seconds MASTERS

– 120 Seconds PRO


The exact schedule of each run, you will find on the start page of our website!


Please allow enough time for your stay in Brandenburg an der Havel, we recommend one day in advance for arrival and departure. On Thursday evening there will again be a Riders Only Practice Session at the Industrial Museum. All heats and the starting order will be drawn live on our Instagram Channel soon. #eurofreestyle


The anticipation is rising with every day with us, with this contest, it will be a unique weekend with all of you!






AM Contest EFSC 2022 Update!


After more than 50 participants registered for the contest in the amateur group alone, we want to present you an update for this group today!



The group of amateurs will be the biggest starting field at Euro Freestyle 2022! In order to guarantee a smooth running of the contest and fair competition conditions for all participants, we are making some changes this year:


– We have divided the AM group into participants with sponsor and without sponsor. This way the skill level of the starters will be divided more fairly before the contest. Because a sponsorship is something for skaters with contest experience, many skills and good support.


– On the contest days there will be seperate heats, between the different heats, there is always enough warm up for the respective heat. So nobody has to wait unnecessarily long for his run and is guaranteed to have a warm up before his runs.


– The heats for all 5 groups (Rookies, Girls, Amateur, Pro, Masters) and the corresponding starting order will be drawn soon and published here before the contest. Please pay attention to the heat you start in and the schedule.


– There will be a new additional warm up area in the riders area, where you can skate at any time of the event. This area is only accessible for contest participants this weekend.


With 111 international participants and a breathtaking starting field for the European Freestyle Skateboarding Championships this is the biggest Freestyle Contest worldwide! Even we didn’t expect such an amazing feedback.


We have closed the registration for the contest for the time being, because we are slowly reaching our limit. If you still want to participate, please contact us and send us an email to:


We are looking forward to the long contest weekend with you in the Industrial Museum in Brandenburg an der Havel!




Already 50 Entries for the Contest!


We are proud to announce that there are already 50 participants for the European Freestyle Skateboarding Championships 2022!



Already now there are 50 international participants for the Freestyle Skateboarding Contest from September 2nd – 4th 2022 in Brandenburg an der Havel. With this we should have surpassed the old contest record from last year soon, never in the history of Freestyle Skateboarding in Europe, there was a contest in a comparable size!


Due to the increased demand, it is not impossible that we will close the Registration after a certain number of Skaters. So if you want to participate in the Competition in the Industriemusem, you should register as soon as possible!


This year our EFSC Contest Crew has to optimize the best possible course of the Contest on the three Contest Days. For the high number of Runs in the Semifinals and Finals we will change the scoring to a digital System. In the groups with the most participants we will start with smaller groups in several heats. On Friday at the Best Trick, Handstand and 360 Spin Contest we want to involve the Audience on the Stands in the Industrial Museum Brandenburg an der Havel in the evaluation.


Whether you are a participant in the Skate Area or a Spectator on the big Stands, you can expect a unique Event on a completely new scale in Brandenburg an der Havel!


You can register easily here: Click!